Mini-Review: Deadbreak by Jorge Sánchez

Deadbreak by Jorge Sánchez

Synopsis and Details:

It’s been three long years since Deadbreak. That’s what everyone’s calling it – the day the dead rose. Every day since then, Jeremiah Reid has had one goal: to make his way back to his daughter. With his four-legged companion, Joe, Jeremiah has to travel a lawless wasteland teeming with zombies, bandits, and worse, like people who put anchovies on pizza (you know who you are). 

It’s a new world out there, and no one is safe. People are weary, cities are in ruin, supplies are scarce, and brains are on the menu. If he’s going to have a chance, he’ll need his wits, a little bit of luck, and lots of ammo.

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic  |  Audio Release Date: February 25, 2020  |  Publisher: Tantor Audio  |  Length: 10 hours, 57 minutes  |  ISBN: 978-1792828379  |  ASIN: B07MH63S6F  |  Format: Audiobook  |  Source: Purchased

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Audiobooks are such a great invention. They really help pass the time when I am out exercising. Otherwise I would have quit long before I should have out of boredom. If you are wondering where those thoughts came from, check out my previous post, here, about how I like to use audiobooks as a way of encouraging myself to exercise. 


If you ever want to read an amazing zombie book with a main character that you cannot get enough of, then pick up DEADBREAK!! Seriously, Jeremiah Reid is one the best characters that I have come across in a while. I can’t help but love sarcastic characters who deliver witty tongue-in-cheek type dialogue. He was so fun but I also liked the other characters that were introduced in this story as well. Very memorable and strong! This is a book that I will be enjoying again in the future because I just laughed so many times! With that said, there is a serious element to this story but it is layered with tons of action, plenty of zombie killing, and many really bad jokes. Deadbreak was such an entertaining story and my sincerest hope is that this Author continues to write novels because I am such a fan now!

Now for the question I am sure you are wondering to yourself, was this story an exercise worthy story? That is a tough question to answer this time around. I loved listening to the story when I got out there but the “want” to get out there just to listen to another thirty minutes or more of this audiobook was not present. Did it increase my motivation to exercise? No. Was it a great story? Yes! I will call this one a draw but as far as zombie books go, this one is by far my most favorite one. Now that I have finished this book, I am hopefully off to find my next exercise worthy story. I am thinking that I need to ditch science fiction for a bit and try a different genre :D.



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