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The Heir and the Enchantress by Paullett Golden



Synopsis and Details:

Some love matches begin with marriage.

Hazel Trethow is infatuated with a notorious rake despite her father’s plans to betroth her to the heir of a wealthy barony. Her scheming to find a love match for her dearest friend and herself turns into a scandal that could ruin them both.

Harold Hobbs returns home from business in India with a plan to save his family from ruin. He does not anticipate his father’s plot to wed him to Miss Trethow. When he meets his intended, sparks fly.

This is the love story of Hazel and Harold as they find love in the most unlikely of places.

Series:  The Enchantresses #5|  Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance|  Release Date: March 13, 2021  |  Publisher: Independent|  Length: 264 pages  |  ASIN: B08TZGQYRY |  Format: ARC  |  Source: Author


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A historical romance with all the feels! If you are familiar with The Enchantresses series then you will be excited to learn that The Heir and The Enchantress is a prequel of sorts that gives a glimpse into the history of Hazel and her husband, Harold. If this is the first time you are learning about this series, then you are in luck because this story can be read as a standalone. Even better news is that you can start with book one, The Earl and The Enchantress, after reading this story and you will be introduced to a most amazing group of characters. Not to mention some of the swooniest romances!

I have been a fan of this series since the start and Hazel is one character who had stood out to me both then and now. I was thrilled to learn that she was going to have her own story and that not only would I get to know a younger her but that I would also get to know the man who was the father of Walter. I had completely fell in love with Walter’s character in The Baron and The Enchantress and I was only too excited to learn more about the man who was his father. This story did not disappoint!

As I have come to expect, The Heir and The Enchantress was everything I hoped for from an installment in this amazing series! I loved seeing Hazel as a young woman, she was both headstrong and loyal and not much had changed over the years. Harold was a character I came to admire! I only wish that I could have spent more time with him in this series. He was such a good man and even from a young age it was clear that he had a good moral code and an even stronger streak of honor. I can see how Walter turned out so well given who his parents were.

So much more than a romance, this story is about innocence, deception, greed, lust, and love. Both Hazel and Harold were thrust into a situation that was not of their own making but they were committed to seeing things through regardless. Even with reveals that opened their eyes to the ugliness of avarice, Hazel and Harold held to each other with a steadfastness that was commendable. Given the ages of the characters, they reacted with wisdom beyond their years! I loved the dance of romance that Hazel and Harold embarked on in The Heir and The Enchantress and not only would I recommend this story to you but I would also recommend the entire series. Such a swoony and riveting romance! 

*Thank you to author Paullett Golden for this eARC of The Heir and The Enchantress*

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Available in Paperback & eBook (Audio coming in April)


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*This review is based on a complimentary book I received. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.*

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Excerpt from The Heir and The Enchantress:

“If we set the wedding for Monday,” the baron continued, “that will encourage the guests to stay a few days longer, allow travel time for family to arrive, and permit time to secure the common license from the bishop—a quick trip to the Diocese of Exeter to meet with Lavington will do the trick. I had hoped to set it for Friday, the morning of the soiree, but your mother helped me see reason.”
Ah. Harold understood. The mention of a wedding startled him at first, so jarring from the original conversation of contracts and investments, but on further thought, it made sense. Driffield had agreed to marry Miss Trethow after all. Sensible to host the wedding at Trelowen, see it all through, have the guests present as witnesses, and turn gossip into excitement—and how much more exciting to share tales of witnessing the union of a love match than to claim to have spent a week under the same roof as a rake and his mistress.
Clearly, his father had been hard at work the day prior. Investment gathering and wedding planning. All completed while Harold rowed the ladies across the lake, recovered from an afternoon chill, and supped with the guests.
“I assume you have something appropriate to wear?” Eugene asked.
“To the wedding?” were Harold’s first words in the conversation. “I hope I won’t be expected to attend the ceremony, only whatever breakfast or tea Mother has planned for afterwards.”
The baron stared at his son with mouth agape. “But of course, you’ll be attending the ceremony. You’re the bridegroom.”
Had Harold been holding the coffee cup, it would have slipped from his fingers onto the rug. Thankfully, he held only his composure, which slipped instead. “I beg your pardon.”
Eugene’s smile returned. “The dowry couldn’t be refused. We’ll not easily find its equal. It took some convincing, but in the end, he saw reason, saw the noose tightening, as it were. When a man sees the end of the rope, sees his opportunity for investing closing, the ruination of his daughter, the ruined future of his son, scandal…Well, it makes a man realize that the aid of a dear friend is the only solution. Now, the scandal will be silenced, and the son will look forward to a future of far more wealth.”
Harold heard the words but could not understand them. Perhaps his father intended it to be that way, or perhaps Harold was so stunned he could not make sense of any words spoken.
Gripping the arms of his chair, Harold asked, “Whom am I marrying, exactly?”

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About The Author:


Paullett Golden is a Houston, Texas native who now divides her time between
Northumberland, England, and her hometown. She has been a university professor for over 20 years.

When an oncologist told her she had three months to live, she decided it was time to fulfill her dream of being a novelist. After defying the odds, she now focuses her attention on her writing.

Her debut novel has hit the Amazon bestseller list multiple times and has won a Reader Views Literary Award. She loves historical fiction of all kinds as a way to transport us to a different time and place. All research comes from authentic resources of the time and from scholarly and peer-reviewed articles from researchers specializing in the time. Though she may take liberties with the fictional aspects, she does aim for the fiction to reflect the mores, culture, laws, and environment of the time. When not writing, she can be found in her butterfly garden or on a race track.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram

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