Zombies, Deadbreak, and Exercise….

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is doing well this today. I am just popping in to post the latest audiobook I have chosen as an incentive for completing my exercise routine. If this is the first time you are hearing about this idea, click this LINK to find where I talk about the method to my madness.

I know it has been a while since I posted my latest audio motivation but I have been exercising. Kid #2 has been walking with me, which trumps a book any day. I have also been ridiculously busy trying to buy a house. Yes, the interest rates are wonderful right now but actually winning a bid on a house is not wonderful. Also, overpaying for a house is never a good idea no matter how desirable the interest rates are. It has been rough!

Back to the point of this post, 😬, when deciding on an audiobook I try and find a book that will really grab my attention or one that will hopefully stimulate an adrenaline response of some kind to help with my exercise motivation. So, of course, when I read a synopsis that included zombies I thought to myself “sounds right!” I will be honest, though, that it was the actual cover that grabbed my initial interest. The guy looks like a total badass striding away from a horde of zombies and the dog looks like he’s just out for a stroll. Loved it and with a solid 4.7 stars and over 757 ratings on Audible, this book is what I am currently listening to: Deadbreak by Jorge Sanchez.

Deadbreak insta

Synopsis and Details:

It’s been three long years since Deadbreak. That’s what everyone’s calling it – the day the dead rose. Every day since then, Jeremiah Reid has had one goal: to make his way back to his daughter. With his four-legged companion, Joe, Jeremiah has to travel a lawless wasteland teeming with zombies, bandits, and worse, like people who put anchovies on pizza (you know who you are). 

It’s a new world out there, and no one is safe. People are weary, cities are in ruin, supplies are scarce, and brains are on the menu. If he’s going to have a chance, he’ll need his wits, a little bit of luck, and lots of ammo.

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic  |  Audio Release Date: February 25, 2020  |  Publisher: Tantor Audio  |  Length: 10 hours, 57 minutes  |  ISBN: 978-1792828379  |  ASIN: B07MH63S6F  |  Format: Audiobook  |  Source: Purchased

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I will be starting this book today or tomorrow and I am pretty excited about it. Once I have finished listening to it, I will circle back to post a mini-review and let y’all know how well it motivated me. In the meantime, I hope you are having a wonderfully bookish day.



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