Review: Bone Canyon by Lee Goldberg

Bone Canyon by Lee Goldberg

Synopsis and Details:

A catastrophic wildfire scorches the Santa Monica Mountains, exposing the charred remains of a woman who disappeared years ago. The investigation is assigned to Eve Ronin, the youngest homicide detective in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a position that forces her to prove herself again and again. This time, though, she has much more to prove.

Bones don’t lie, and these have a horrific story to tell. Eve tirelessly digs into the past, unearthing dark secrets that reveal nothing about the case is as it seems. With almost no one she can trust, her relentless pursuit of justice for the forgotten dead could put Eve’s own life in peril.

Series: Eve Ronin #2   |  Genres:  Contemporary, Mystery  |  Release Date: January 05, 2021  |  Publisher: Thomas & Mercer  | Pages: 287  |  ISBN: 978-1542042710  | ASIN: B07ZJ2G5H9  |  Format: ARC  |  Source: Netgalley

Review with Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I have to say that I am really enjoying the Eve Ronin series! Bone Canyon is the second installment in this thrilling police procedural series and luckily it can also be read as a standalone. This time around, Eve and her close to retirement partner, Duncan Pavone, have been called in to investigate human bones that had recently been discovered after a wildfire had decimated a section of the Santa Monica Mountains. No one was expecting these bones to connect to a cold case but Eve was committed to following the clues, no matter where they led. The findings would lead Eve and Duncan down a twisted trail involving murder, rape, corruption, and dark secrets.

Bone Canyon was quite the page turner! Eve is a great character because her focus has always been on being the best detective she could be. Even when her ideals brought her into direct conflict with her colleagues. She has no issues doing everything she can to bring justice for victims, even when she is feeling intense pressure to sweep her findings under the rug. Her determination and grit are appealing to me as a reader and I like that despite being incredibly unpopular in her department, due to the how she achieved her current position, she is not afraid to push buttons and bring dark secrets to light. Overall, Bone Canyon was a nicely done mystery that only gained interest as the story developed and I am excited to see where Eve will take us next.

*Thank you to Thomas & Mercer & NetGalley for this eARC of Bone Canyon*

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