Review: Yuletide Protector by Jane Blythe

Yuletide Protector by Jane Blythe

Synopsis and Details:

Being the bodyguard for a friend you’re secretly in love with isn’t easy.

Ashley Fallon narrowly survived an assault by a serial rapist and murderer, and as the only surviving victim she finds herself in need of a bodyguard after her assailant makes it clear he doesn’t like loose ends and intends to finish what he started.

Sawyer Watson is trapped in his own kind of Hell. He’s secretly in love with Ashley but as far as she’s concerned they’re just friends. Now he’s living in her house and spending his days—and his nights—with her, and while he won’t take advantage of her while she’s vulnerable he can’t help but hope that spending so much time together might make her see him differently.

↝ Trigger warning – themes of sexual assault ↜

Series: Christmas Romantic Suspense #4  |  Genres: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense |  Release Date: December 01, 2020  |  Publisher: Bear Spots Publication  |  Pages: 180  |  ASIN: B08L6ZMZZ4  |  Format: ARC  |  Source: Author

Review with Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

In Yuletide Protector, Ashley and Sawyer had been the best of friends for three years and it had been both a blessing and a curse for Sawyer. His feelings for Ashley had grown far beyond those of just friendship but he appreciated her so much as a person that he was loathe to mess up a good thing. His appreciation of her had led him to accept that Ashley would only see him as a ‘friend’ and that was going to have to be enough. Romantic feelings aside, the last thing he wanted to do was lose her friendship if he made his feelings known and she balked. Though, it was very lucky for Ashley that Sawyer was such a great guy and friend because it literally meant the difference between life or death for her. 

After being attacked in an alley, it was Sawyer who made it possible for Ashley to get the help she needed in time to save her life. Unfortunately, it wasn’t soon enough to save her from trauma. He even stayed by her side in order to be the one who would break the news of what it was exactly that she had survived. This action would change the dynamics between them forever. Sawyer was not only her friend but he was also to become her protector. It was this change that gave Ashley a new perspective but in order to take time to explore any new insights she would have to survive a harrowing ordeal first. 

How excited was I to read another story in the Christmas Romantic Suspense series from author Jane Blythe?? Very! This latest installment not only brings the mystery and spine-tingling thrill that I have come to expect from this series but there was also a very endearing friends-to-lovers romance that was part of this story. I enjoyed the romantic element and, as always, there were many wonderful Christmas elements and traditions woven throughout the story itself. Yuletide Protector was such a great way to start out this holiday season and perfect for those of you who enjoy their holiday treats with a side of suspense and a dash of romance!

*Thank you to author Jane Blythe for this eARC of Yuletide Protector*

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

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About the Author:

Author Jane Blythe

Jane Blythe is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense full of sexy heroes, strong heroines, and serial killers! When she’s not weaving hard to unravel mysteries she loves to read, bake, go to the beach, build snowmen, and watch Disney movies. She has two adorable Dalmatians, is obsessed with Christmas, owns 200+ teddy bears, and loves to travel!

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