Review: Pawsitively Swindled by Melissa Erin Jackson

Pawsitively Swindled by Melissa Erin Jackson

Synopsis and Details:

Appearances can be deceiving.

Amber Blackwood, Edgehill’s secret resident witch, recently found her parents’ grimoires and the powerful time spells within. The malevolent Penhallow clan has been ruthlessly seeking the grimoires so they can travel back in time to undo their clan’s cursed magic. Because the Penhallows will stop at nothing, Amber must find an impregnable hiding place for the grimoires, though she has no clue where to start looking. When her cousin Edgar suggests the game of Magic Cache, a magic-infused version of geocaching played by witches all over the world, Amber agrees to learn how to play. After all, a weird plan is better than no plan.

When the magical search leads her to the neighboring town of Marbleglen—“the safest town in Oregon”—Amber assumes her only problem will be dealing with its snooty residents. Instead, she gets caught up in a murder investigation where one man is dead and a second one framed for the crime. To complicate matters, the framed man’s condescending daughter, Bianca, wants Amber’s help—and Bianca just happens to chair Marbleglen’s Floral Frenzy Flower Festival Committee, the rival to Edgehill’s own Here and Meow Festival Committee. The two women are thrown into an uneasy alliance.

Joined by her new frenemy, her growing inner circle, and Edgehill’s Chief Brown, Amber works to unravel the mystery to ensure the right culprit ends up behind bars and Marbleglen’s safety is restored. But Amber knows that even if Marbleglen’s mystery is resolved, a bigger danger lurks in the shadows. If the Penhallows claim the grimoires of Amber’s late parents, they’ll use the books’ time-reversal spells to try to stop the curse from ever having poisoned their clan—and, in the process, possibly rewriting history.

Series: Witch of Edgehill #4  |  Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal  |  Release Date: June 10, 2020  |  Publisher:  Ringtail Press  |  Pages:  342  |  ASIN: B0881G8X7T  |  Format: ARC  |  Source: Author

Review with Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After everything Amber has survived and dealt with, you would think that she could get a break in Pawsitively Swindled and be able take some “time off” to recuperate but, alas, this poor witch has a conundrum. After managing to keep her family’s grimoires out of the hands of the blasted Penhallows she is now tasked with finding a location where the books will be safe. Given that Amber is still learning how to use her witchy powers, that will prove to be quite the challenge. Which made this story very fun to read because it required a lot from Amber all while she was still fulfilling her duties to the Here and Meow Festival Committee.

I liked the addition of the characters from Marbleglen to this story. Although, I can’t say that I liked the characters themselves at the start but as the story progressed, and everyone came to certain understandings, I liked the partnership that was formed between the rivals. I am interested to see if, after everything that took place in this story, the nearly caustic rivalry between Edgehill and Marbleglen residents will simmer down some and become much friendlier? I am hopeful on that because I think that Amber and friends will need all the allies they can get for when there is a final Penhallow clan confrontation.

There was much to enjoy in Pawsitively Swindled! Amber was growing her witchy knowledge, there was plenty of drama between the Marbleglen and Edgehill committees, there was the pressure of the upcoming town festivals, and there were also some delightful changes in Amber’s personal life. A wonderful story from beginning to end! I will say that because there was a ton going on there were certain aspects that seemed to drag a little bit but by and large it was a fun story! I especially loved that it included geocaching, with a magical twist, because that is actually something that my family and I love to do. Overall, Pawsitively Swindled was a great companion to a fun and quirky series and I am looking forward to what happens next!

*Thank you to author Melissa Erin Jackson for this eARC of Pawsitively Swindled*

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About the Author

Author Melissa Erin Jackson

Melissa has had a love of stories for as long as she can remember, but only started penning her own during her freshman year of college. She majored in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology at UC Davis. Yet, while she was neck-deep in organic chemistry and physics, she kept finding herself writing stories in the back of the classroom about fairies and trolls and magic. She finished her degree, but it never captured her heart the way writing did.

Now she owns her own dog walking business (that’s sort of wildlife related, right?) by day…and afternoon and night…and writes whenever she gets a spare moment. The Microsoft Word app is a gift from the gods!

She alternates mostly between fantasy and mystery (often with a paranormal twist). All her books have some element of “other” to them…witches, ghosts, UFOs. There’s no better way to escape the real world than getting lost in a fictional one.

She lives in Northern California with her boyfriend and way too many pets.

Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Instagram

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