Review: Into the Dark by Karen Rose

Into the Dark by Karen Rose

Synopsis and Details:

When Michael Rowland saves his younger brother Joshua from the clutches of his stepfather, he runs for his life with his brother in his arms. From his hiding place he sees the man who has made their lives a misery taken away in the trunk of a stranger’s car, never to be seen again.

Doctor Dani Novak has been keeping soccer coach Diesel Kennedy at arm’s length to protect him from her dark secrets. When they are brought together by the two young brothers who desperately need their help, it seems they might finally be able to leave their damaged pasts behind them.

But as the only witness to the man who kidnapped and murdered his stepfather, Michael is in danger. As Diesel and Dani do all that they can to protect him, their own investigation into the murder uncovers a much darker web of secrets than they could have imagined.

As more bodies start to appear it’s clear that this killer wants vengeance. And will wipe out anything that gets in his way…

Series: Romantic Suspense #23, Cincinnati #5  |  Genres: Contemporary, Crime, Suspense, Romance, Thriller  |  Release Date: November 26, 2019  |  Publisher: Berkley  | Pages: 608  | ISBN: 978-1984805287   |  ASIN: B07RM6M669  |  Format: ARC  |  Source: Netgalley

Review with Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Into the Dark is the twenty-third book in the Romantic Suspense series by Author Karen Rose. This series includes many characters from different professions but all the professions are aimed at helping others and all of the protagonists are about exposing the truth, no matter how ugly. This book features two characters, Diesel Kennedy and Dani Novak, who are both drawn to each other but Dani has been resisting the attraction. She has been successful at keeping Diesel at arm’s length for quite some time but after the events that take place in this book, well, let’s just say that Dani will start singing a different tune.

Diesel is a man who has been living on borrowed time and he knows it. To that end, he has committed to making a difference as long as he is able and coaching a youth league is just one of the many ways he gives back. It was in his capacity as a coach that he made a startling discovery that would bring him and those around him into the lives of two boys who desperately need advocates. There was only one person that Diesel could think of who would be beneficial in the situation he had been placed in and that was Dani. Together they would encounter many horrible truths, wrestle difficult decisions, and learn a few important lessons that would open their eyes and their hearts along the way. 

The opening of Into the Dark was just heartbreaking and learning everything that Michael went through was very upsetting, to say the least. I immediately loved Diesel because of his protective instincts as well as his vulnerability. Everything that was taking place took him to a very dark place but he stayed the course. Dani was an amazing advocate in this story and I liked that she was an HIV positive character who still lived her life to the fullest that she could. What took place between her and Diesel was a slow building romance that was very swoony. I loved, loved, loved, the fast-paced action and mystery that unfurled in Into the Dark because it kept me on the edge of my seat! This is a story and series that I absolutely would highly recommend to those who love to read a good thriller.

*Thank you to Berkley Publishing Group & NetGalley for this eARC of Into the Dark*

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