Review: I See You by Mary Burton

I See You by Mary Burton

Synopsis and Details:

From New York Timesbestselling author Mary Burton comes a gritty, suspenseful story in the Criminal Profiler series.

FBI special agent Zoe Spencer uses skeletal remains to recreate the faces of murder victims through sculpture. Though highly scientific, the process is also sensitive and intimate; she becomes attached to the individuals she identifies, desperate to find justice for each.

As Zoe examines old remains, she sees a teenage girl looking back at her—the victim in a cold case from over a decade ago. Zoe wants nothing more than to tell this young woman’s story and to bring her killer to justice.

Zoe’s case leads her to the victim’s hometown and to homicide detective William Vaughan, Zoe’s on-again, off-again lover. As the two become more involved in the case, they quickly realize that it isn’t as cold as they first believed: someone’s still out there hunting women. And with more women gone missing, time’s running out. Can they work together and stop this madman before he kills again?

Series: Criminal Profiler #2  |  Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Romantic Suspense  |  Release Date:  October 08, 2019  |  Publisher: Montlake Romance  |  Pages: 348  |  ISBN: 978-1542007603  |  ASIN: B07P32NGR6  |  Format: ARC  |  Source: NetGalley

Review with Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I See You is the second book in the Criminal Profiler series and it is a standalone. In this book, Zoe Spencer was a woman whose life had not followed her intended path but was not one that she would regret, career wise. Even after two years, she still enjoyed her job as an FBI criminal profiler and was truly skilled in the art of forensic sketches. It was her skill in this area that led her to catch cases that were suited for her skill set. Personally though, Zoe was a bit of a mess. After the death of her husband, who was entirely too young to die, she had continued to thrive in her career but no one would say she was thriving in her personal life. She kept her distance from any personal relationships and the ones that she did enter into, she made sure that there was an emotional disconnect. She may have been a functioning agent but in many ways she had yet to leave her past behind her.

When Zoe became involved in a high-profile missing teen’s cold case, she hadn’t planned on seeing William Vaughn again but she couldn’t say that she was displeased by that turn of events. In the past Zoe and Vaughn had an intimate relationship that had always suited her needs but this time around Vaughn was looking for just a bit more from her and that was not something she was interested in giving. Despite her need to put distance between them they had a case to solve and what was thought to be a cold case was indeed a very hot one as bodies start piling up that seem to share remarkable similarities. As Zoe and Vaughn spent time running down clues and trying to solve a current day mystery, the emotional distance between them would not be the only challenge they faced.

There was much packed into I See You that made it a most enjoyable read. The case may have started out with the identification of bones that were found but it quickly became more with a current day death and whodunit type mystery surrounding it. There were also other deaths occurring that seemed to have no connection but as the story went on it becomes clear that there is more there than meets the eye. I also liked what was occurring with both Zoe and Vaughn. They had each reached a crossroads in their life and throughout this story I was privy to what they wanted and what was holding them back. This was all taking place against a backdrop of trying to solve the case before the media goes public with what was occurring with the cold case. I See You was a thrill ride that had many great elements woven together to deliver a remarkable story!

*Thank you to Montlake Romance & NetGalley for this eARC of I See You*

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