Review with Interview: Terminal Uprising by Jim C. Hines

Terminal Uprising by Jim C. Hines

Synopsis and Details:

It’s been four months since Marion “Mops” Adamopoulos learned the truth. Four months since she and her team of hygiene and sanitation specialists stole the EMCS Pufferfish and stopped a bioterrorism attack against the Krakau homeworld. Four months since she set out to find proof of what really happened on Earth all those years ago.

Between trying to protect their secrets and fighting the xenocidal Prodryans, who’ve been escalating their war against everyone who isn’t Prodryan, the Krakau have their tentacles full.

Mops’ mission changes when she learns of a secret Krakau laboratory on Earth. A small group under command of Fleet Admiral Belle-Bonne Sage is working to create a new weapon, one that could bring victory over the Prodryans … or drown the galaxy in chaos.

To discover the truth, Mops and her rogue cleaning crew will have to do the one thing she fears most: return to Earth, a world overrun by feral apes, wild dogs, savage humans, and worse. (After all, the planet hasn’t been cleaned in a century and a half!) What Mops finds in the filthy ruins of humanity could change everything, assuming she survives long enough to share it.

Perhaps humanity isn’t as dead as the galaxy thought.

Series: Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse #2  |  Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera  |  Release Date: February 12, 2019  |  Publisher: DAW |  Pages: 336  |  ISBN: 978-0756412777  |  ASIN: B07D23R7KZ  |  Format: ARC  |  Source: Netgalley

Review with Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I have been looking forward to reading Terminal Uprising because I couldn’t wait to pick up where the story from Terminal Alliance had left off! Marion “Mops” Adamopoulos is back with her crew but this time they are looking for answers in the most dangerous of places, Earth! In this book, the crew of the EMCS Pufferfish are fugitives with plenty of heat coming down on them. What they should be doing is looking for a place to hide but there are situations brewing that they just can’t ignore. There is one Krakau who is actually doing what they can to send the crew information and clues in order to help them reveal some long-hidden truths about humanity as well as expose the secrets of a rather maniacal character. Following the clues and information will lead Mops and her crew into some sticky situations but luckily these scrappy characters have a few surprises of their own.

This story has a different tone than the prequel and it was certainly a most enjoyable read! It was everything I was hoping for and more. I really like the direction that the overarching storyline is taking in this series. In addition, I loved all the tongue-in-cheek humor that this novel delivers but there is also a seriousness to what the characters are uncovering and that is what keeps me so intrigued with the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse series. I will admit that there are so many quotes from the book that I would love to share because they had me laughing out loud but they would be spoilers and I can’t do that. Trust me though, this book will have you cracking up! Lots to love in Terminal Uprising and I know that I am definitely looking forward to the next installment in this series!!

*Thank you to DAW & NetGalley for this eARC of Terminal Uprising*

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

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Interview with Author Jim C. Hines:

Q. Shall we start with an easy question that everyone wants to know? Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I’m 44, married, with two kids, three cats, two dogs, and also a guinea pig and a few immortal fish. I’ve been a geek all my life – my first D&D dice were the plain set where you had to use a white crayon to color in the numbers. I’m a big fan of Snoopy, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Doctor Who, and Steven Universe. I’ve been diabetic for 20+ years, and managing depression for about seven. I love hot fudge sundaes.

Q. When did you realize that you wanted to become a writer? What was the very first thing you ever wrote?

Back in 1995, I was an undergrad psych major at Michigan State University. I started writing about my Dungeons and Dragons character in my free time. (Yes, I have been, and always shall be, a geek.) Well, by the end of the semester, I was still struggling to find the motivation to write my ten page term papers, but I’d done almost 50,000 words about Nakor the Purple.

I actually self-published an annotated version of that (terrible!!!) first book a few years back. It’s called RISE OF THE SPIDER GODDESS.

The book might have been bad, but it showed me what I really wanted to do.

Q. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Making flammable spiders loveable?

Q. Now, I am dying to know because I loved this book: What was the inspiration that gave birth to Terminal Alliance, the first book in your Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse series?

Thank you so much! It started as a simple juxtaposition of two common SF tropes: the zombie apocalypse and the first contact with aliens, and wondering how messy things would get if the latter happened right after the former.

I’ve also always appreciated stories about unlikely and less traditional heroes, characters who don’t usually get the spotlight. Thus were born Mops and her starship janitorial team.

Q. What about it made it a story you knew you needed to write?

The contract with my publisher was pretty clear about me needing to write the book if I wanted my money 😉

Also, once I started thinking about the different ways my characters could use their janitorial tools and expertise to overcome various enemies and obstacles, I was hooked.

Q. What’s your elevator pitch for your upcoming release, Terminal Uprising, the second book in the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse series?

Elevator pitches have been especially hard for this series, but probably something like “Rogue space janitors return to a post-apocalyptic Earth, where they must face everything from ferocious librarians to wild dachshunds.

Q. What did you edit out of this book?


And also an entire alien race who will instead be appearing in book three, currently titled TERMINAL PEACE.

Q. What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

I don’t think of it as difficult, really. It’s a matter of treating women like people. (I know this is difficult for some people.) The other key is listening to others – listening to their stories and experiences and perceptions.

Q. Of all the characters you have created in this series, which is your favorite and why?

I’m awfully fond of Grom, the alien computer tech and video game addict. But with book two coming out, I think I’m happiest with Wolf’s character arc and development in this one. She’s never felt at home, never felt happy with her role in the Earth Mercenary Corps. In this book, she really begins to grow and find her place.

Q. What character in this series are you least likely to get along with?

I mean, the Prodryans instinctively want to kill all non-Prodryan life, so probably any of them. And also Fleet Admiral Sage, because she’s a jerk.

Q. What is your writing Kryptonite?

As I’m doing this interview, I haven’t written a word of fiction in 2+ months, ever since my wife was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Turns out cancer is a hell of a Kryptonite. Thankfully, she’s responding well to treatment so far. I’m hoping things will be calm and stable enough for me to get back to work on TERMINAL PEACE soon.

Q. What’s the one piece of technology you can’t live without?

My insulin pump is high on that list. I could survive on injections again, but the pump and it’s continuous glucose monitor has been incredibly helpful in managing the diabetes and keeping me relatively healthy.

Q. Describe yourself in 3 words:

Geek. Caring. Smart-ass. Disobedient.

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Write what you love. Read as much as you can. Listen to other writers, but don’t take their advice as gospel.

Q. Any last words?

Thanks for the interview! I hope you like the new book!

I loved getting to know you, your responses are just too funny, except for your kryptonite. I am truly sorry about that but am very glad that things are looking up! Also, I know that I am SO EXCITED to read Terminal Peace

🖋 ❤️ ✒️

About the Author:

Author Jim C. Hines

Jim C. Hines’ first novel was Goblin Quest, the humorous tale of a nearsighted goblin runt and his pet fire-spider. Actor and author Wil Wheaton described the book as “too f***ing cool for words,” which is pretty much the Best Blurb Ever. After finishing the goblin trilogy, he went on to write the Princess series of fairy tale retellings and the Magic ex Libris books, a modern-day fantasy series about a magic-wielding librarian, a dryad, a secret society founded by Johannes Gutenberg, a flaming spider, and an enchanted convertible. He’s also the author of the Fable Legends tie-in Blood of Heroes. He’s now writing humorous science fiction with the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse trilogy. His short fiction has appeared in more than 50 magazines and anthologies.

Jim is an active blogger about topics ranging from sexism and harassment to zombie-themed Christmas carols, and won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer in 2012. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Masters in English, and lives with his two children in mid-Michigan. 

Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Instagram

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