Review: Lake Silence by Anne Bishop

Lake of Silence by Anne Bishop

Synopsis and Details:

In this thrilling and suspenseful fantasy, set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Others series, Vicki DeVine and her lodger, the shapeshifter Aggie Crowe, stumble onto a dead body . . . and find themselves enmeshed in danger and dark secrets.

Human laws do not apply in the territory controlled by the Others–vampires, shapeshifters, and paranormal beings even more deadly. And this is a fact that humans should never, ever forget . . . 

After her divorce, Vicki DeVine took over a rustic resort near Lake Silence, in a human town that is not human controlled. Towns like Vicki’s have no distance from the Others, the dominant predators that rule most of the land and all of the water throughout the world. And when a place has no boundaries, you never really know what’s out there watching you.

Vicki was hoping to find a new career and a new life. But when her lodger, Aggie Crowe–one of the shapeshifting Others–discovers a dead body, Vicki finds trouble instead. The detectives want to pin the man’s death on her, despite the evidence that nothing human could have killed the victim. As Vicki and her friends search for answers, things get dangerous–and it’ll take everything they have to stay alive.

Series: The World of the Others #1  |  Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal  |  Release Date: March 6, 2018  |  Publisher: Ace  |  Pages: 402  | ISBN: 978-0399587245  |  ASIN: B071X2K4S6  |  Format: ARC  |  Source: Netgalley

Review with Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

So far, I have not read a single book from the Others series but when I heard that there was a spinoff from the previous five books, set in the same world, I thought that now was a good time to start. I know that there are some nods in this book to characters from the previous books but you really need not be familiar with those books in order to get the most out of this one. Lake Silence is focused on a human, centered at a human village, nestled in the terra indigene-controlled Finger Lakes region of Northeast Thaisia. Vicki DeVine was the newest resident who had come to town to take possession of a resort that was past its prime years ago as part of a divorce settlement. This property is set on land that is owned by Others and has very specific rules and regulations for what can happen to the structures that are on the land.

Vicki was a good owner and she was very careful to respect the rules and regulations that were related to the property. Her treatment of the resort and the Other guests garnered her respect with the Others and they became more and more protective of Vicki. When trouble came into town the Others were quick to respond because they wanted Vicki to stay where she was and they did not take kindly to the plans that the offenders had in store for Vicki or the land. This interaction with the Others and the Elementals absolutely made the story for me! It was very creative and each Other was unique in its background as well as added humor and danger to the story. The layering of this world and its inhabitants was very descriptive and nicely developed. I found myself wanting to get lost in this world.

I did struggle a little in the beginning because I was completely unfamiliar with what the Others were. Once I had a grasp of this world and its inhabitant’s things went smoothly. I was not too thrilled with Vicki’s character at the start because she seemed rather weak to me. She had been through a verbally abusive marriage and was prone to panic attacks when it came to dealing with men. I did not know how she was going to be the type of character that drew me into the story but as the story went on I started to like her. She’s not my favorite but I loved the relationships that she developed with the Others and how they looked out for her. It made her more appealing to me. After finishing Lake Silence, I am ready for more and this is a series I am excited to continue in because I loved how things were set up at the end of this story. I can’t wait to see more from the characters in this story! It was a fantastic read!

*Thank you to Netgalley & Berkley Publishing Group for this eARC of Lake Silence*

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

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About the Author:

Author Anne Bishop

New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop is a winner of the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award, presented by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, for The Black Jewels Trilogy. She is the author of the Novels of the Others series and The World of the Others series.

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